It’s a good world, all said

It must be a kind God that made this world, and brought me in touch with so many wonderful people, and such a rich diversity of experiences. At times, I have been at fault, not recognising the immeasurable wealth that has come to me in the form of loving family, compassionate colleagues, rock-solid associates, enduring business and other relationships, loyal and die-hard friends, noble clients, lucky chance acquaintances, benign strangers, and the millions of good souls that have brushed past me in life.

Instead, often times, I have waited for an elusive future state when everything would be perfect as always desired. A perfect world, now how dull that would be. Isn’t real beauty in the little flaws, the bruises and the occasional attention seeking sullenness which make life so rich with its unpredictability?

Life is perhaps the only reward, and I must learn to celebrate all that I have for as long as they last, and not wait for the bigger better thing to happen.  This is all there is, for now, and this is all that should matter.

So, to everyone  who has been a part of my life whether for an evanescent minute or a lifetime,  THANK YOU, I really value your being in my life. I hope I will make it worthwhile to you as well. You are my world, and will ever be.


One thought on “It’s a good world, all said

  1. The same stands true for each one of us who have been connected to you through your books, your songs, your ideas and through Divvaakar the persona or better described the Soul.
    Yes, it is indeed a Kind God as you mentioned who gave us the opportunity to get connected.
    Thank you Divvaakar.

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